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Cement Additives & Admixtures

Our concrete admixtures are specially formulated to improve the strength, durability, and workability of concrete. They can enhance the performance of concrete in various ways, such as reducing shrinkage, increasing compressive strength, improving the consistency of the mix and enhance the durability of concrete.

We offer a range of additives, including plasticizers, accelerators, and retarders.

Water Reducers
  • SmartCrete RM 315
  • SmartCrete RM 316
  • SmartCrete RM 317
  • SmartCrete RM 318
  • SmartCrete RM 319
  • SmartCrete RC 411
  • SmartCrete RC 412
  • SmartCrete RC 413
  • SmartCrete RC 414
  • SmartCrete RC 415
  • SmartCrete RC 518
  • SmartCrete PCE 610
  • SmartCrete PCM 713
  • SmartCrete PCM 715
  • SmartFormOil 910
  • SmartFormOil 911
  • SmartCure 912
  • SmartCure 913
Cement Additives
  • SmartCem SE 1200
  • SmartCem SE 1201
  • SmartCem SE 1202
  • SmartCem GI 1301
  • SmartCem GI 1302


Our waterproofing products are designed to prevent water ingress from penetrating the structure, protecting it from damage caused by moisture. We offer a variety of waterproofing solutions, including Liquid-applied Membranes, Sheet membranes, Water-repellent coatings and also auxiliaries products.

Our waterproofing systems are designed to provide superior protection against water intrusion, even in extreme weather conditions.

Our Waterproofing Product range :

  • SmartSeal ACR
  • SmartSeal PUD
  • SmartSeal Swell 1
  • SmartSeal Swell P
  • SmartSeal Tapes
  • SmartSeal BUR Primer
  • SmartSeal BUM Sheet
  • SmartSeal CEM
  • SmartSeal CEF
  • SmartSeal CRY
  • SmartSeal FLX
  • SmartSeal PUR M
  • SmartSeal PUR SL
  • SmartRoof PVC Membrane
  • SmartRoof HDPE Membrane

Performance Flooring

Performance Flooring Systems: Our flooring systems provide a durable, slip-resistant, attractive surface for commercial, industrial spaces and anti-static requirement.

Our Performance Flooring systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential garages to industrial warehouses. We provide a variety of flooring options, including Epoxy Self-leveling and coatings, Polyurethane concrete floor as well as coatings, including decorative overlays both cement and Resin based.

Our Performance Flooring Product range :

  • SmartTop EP Primer
  • SmartTop SL
  • SmartTop MF
  • SmartTop UD
  • SmartTop FH
  • SmartCoat AC
  • SmartCoat EP
  • SmartCoat CT-F

Sealants & Bonding Elastic

Sealants: Our sealants provide a watertight seal and prevent air and moisture infiltration.

We offer a variety of adhesives and sealants for all types of construction applications, including bonding, sealing, and filling. Our products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting durability.

Our Sealant Product range :

  • SmartSeal PU 1
  • SmartSeal PU 2
  • SmartSeal SI 1
  • SmartSeal AR 1
  • SmartSeal BUR 1190

Concrete Repair & Protection

Our Repair & Protection systems are designed to restore damaged concrete structures to their original strength and appearance. We offer a range of repair & protection products for cracks, spallings, and other types of damage, including polymer-modified mortars, epoxy-based repair mortars, and cementitious grouts.

Protective Coatings: Our protective coatings are designed to provide long-lasting protection against harsh weather, UV rays, and other environmental factors. We offer a range of coatings, including Epoxy, Polyurethane, and Acrylic.

Concrete Repair and Protection Products: We offer a range of repair and rehabilitation products to restore damaged structures and extend their service life. Our products include concrete repair mortars, protection coating, crack repair products, and corrosion inhibitors.

Our Repair & Protect Product range :

  • SmartRepair EP 2
  • SmartRepair EP 3
  • SmartRepair CM 400
  • SmartRepair Skimcoat
  • SmartRepair EM 700
  • SmartRepair CM100
  • SmartRepair SI
  • SmartRepair SX
  • SmartRepair ACR S

Grouts & Anchors

Our Grouts are used for bedding steel base plates and machinery or underpinning foundations.

Our Anchoring grouts are used to anchor bolts, rods, sockets, for adding or replacing embedded or external reinforcing bars, adding reinforcement anchored in pre-formed or drilled holes.

Our Grouts & Anchors Product range :

  • SmartGrout GP
  • SmartGrout HF
  • SmartGrout EP
  • SmartAnchor EA 1
  • SmartAnchor EP 1

Tile Fixing

Our Tile Fixing products are used to bond the tile to the surface and provide a strong, long lasting hold. There are different types of tile adhesives and tile grouts depending on the substrate types, tile material, and environment conditions.

Our Tile Fixing Product range :

  • SmartTile Set S
  • SmartTile Set C
  • SmartTile Set F
  • SmartTile Set G
  • SmartTile Flex
  • SmartTile EP White
  • SmartTile EP Black
  • SmartTile EP Grey

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