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Underground Waterproofing

Underground waterproofing products are materials used to prevent water from penetrating below ground level in structures such as basements, foundations, and tunnels. These products typically include liquid-applied membrane, sheet membranes, and drainage systems.

Liquid-applied Membranes are coating products that are applied to the surface of concrete or masonry to create a waterproof barrier. These coatings can be cementitious, bitumen modified, polyurethance modified, or polurea-based, and are applied in multiple layers for optimal protection by either sparying or roller coat.

Membranes are sheets of material that are laid over the surface of the foundation or basement walls to provide a waterproof layer. There are various types of membranes, including bituminous, EVA, HDPE, TPO, and PVC, which are chosen depending on the specific application and level of protection required.

Overall, underground waterproofing products are essential for preventing water damage and maintaining the structural integrity of below-ground structures.

Our Underground Waterproofing Product range :

  • SmartRoof HDPE Membrane
  • SmartSeal BUR Primer
  • SmartSeal BUM Membrane
  • SmartSeal Swell 1
  • SmartSeal Swell P
  • SmartSeal EVA
  • SmartSeal TPO
  • SmartSeal Swell S1
  • SmartSeal Swell Profile


Roofing products are materials suitable used for roofing. These products also include Polyurethane, TPO, and PVC Sheets, which are chosen depending on the specific application, cost and level of protection required.

Roofing membranes are used for flat roofs and are made of materials such as above. They are installed in large area to create a waterproof barrier.

Overall, roofing products are essential for protecting a building’s interior from water damage and maintaining the structural integrity of the roof.

Our Roofing Product range :

  • SmartSeal PUR M
  • SmartSeal PUR SL
  • SmartSeal PVC Membrane
  • SmartSeal ACR
  • SmartSeal PUD
  • SmartSeal Tapes

Concrete Works

Concrete works products are auxiliaries materials used in new or repairing concrete structures. These products include latex, form-oil, curing compounds, and bond breakers.

Curing compounds are used to prevent the concrete from drying out too quickly, which can lead to cracking and other damage. These compounds form a barrier on the surface of the concrete to retain moisture and allow it to cure properly.

Overall, concrete works products are essential for constructing durable and long-lasting concrete structures. The selection of the appropriate materials depends on the specific application and conditions of the project.

Our Concrete Works Product range :

  • SmartKure 912
  • SmartKure 913
  • SmartFormOil 910
  • SmartFormOil 911
  • SmartBond Breaker

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